Sweet Revenge: Susan Boyle's Debut Album Tops Britain's Charts

SuBo's "I Dreamed a Dream" makes U.K. charts history

She’s got talent.

Susan Boyle finished second on “Britain’s Got Talent” but the Scottish singing sensation is now number one on the U.K. charts with her debut album.

Boyle’s “I Dreamed a Dream” has sold more than 410,000 copies since its release on Nov. 23, which breaks the record for first week sales of a debut album in the U.K., The Associated Press reported.

“It’s fantastic,” Boyle said in a statement released by her record company, the AP reported.

Boyle, 48, has come a long way since videos her “Talent” audition went viral online, endearing her to millions.

Originally known for a frumpy, modest appearance, Boyle has since appeared in a high-fashion magazine spread and elsewhere sporting a makeover.

Most recent, she made it on NBC’s “People of the Year” A-list.

"I accept now that my life will never be the same. And I don't want it to end,” Boyle told Matt Lauer in an interview to mark the honor.

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