Americans Divided on How Trump Will Affect Their Wallets: Survey

The most common opinion of those surveyed was that they wouldn't be personally affected by his presidency

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A new survey shows that Americans are split on how they think President-elect Donald Trump’s economic policies will affect them, NBC News reports.

Consumer finance firm Bankrate asked a thousand Americans how they thought the Trump administration would impact their personal finances, and found that the largest group, 39 percent, believe it'll make no difference on their financial status. Twenty-eight percent responded that Trump would have a positive influence on their economic situation, while 26 percent felt the opposite. 

The results come just three months after participants of another survey overwhelmingly told Bankrate that the largest risk to the domestic economy in the following half year was the result of the 2016 presidential election. The 39 percent in the latest poll may not connect governmental actions with their own bank accounts and tax returns.

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