'Supergirl' Star Melissa Benoist Says She Was Victim of Domestic Violence

“It’s still hard for me to dissect what I was thinking and feeling that kept me from stopping what felt like a runaway freight train," Melissa Benoist said

"Supergirl" star Melissa Benoist said in an Instagram video Wednesday that she is a survivor of domestic violence, NBC News reports.

In a more than 14 minute video, Benoist said that she was "quite nervous" before stating, "I am a survivor of domestic violence or IPV, intimate partner violence, which is something I never in my life expected I would say let alone be broadcasting into the ether.”

Benoist does not name her alleged abuser but said he is younger than her and described him as a "magnanimous person," who could be charming, funny, manipulative and devious.

She said she met him at a time in her life when she was newly single and not romantically interested in him. She said the two were friends at first and once they started dating, it was a “0 to 60 catapult”

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