Suburban Pet Store Begs Thief to Return Stolen Animal

A suburban Chicago pet store is desperately searching for a missing baby sugar glider after they allege a customer stole one while a worker was changing the animal’s food.

Critters Pet Shop, Inc. in Elgin said they believe the baby was taken Friday and are concerned because it is not weaned and will die if it goes without its mother for too long.

“It’s just devastating because it can’t live without mom right now,” said employee Diana Reed. “They’re so helpless when they’re this small.”

Reed said the babies and their mother were in a pouch together in a cage when a worker left the cage unlocked while changing the food.

The store recently moved and did not have their surveillance cameras at the time of the incident. They are begging whoever took the animal to bring it back.

“Please bring it back so it can be with its mama and we will not press any charges,” the store posted on its Facebook page. “This is serious. It will die.”

The store says it tried to be “customer friendly” by allowing customers to get up close to the pets, but said it has never had an incident like this in 26 years.

“This person has no idea what they just did,” Reed said.

Anyone with information surrounding the missing animal is asked to call (630) 584-0200.

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