Suburban Man Hid Roommate's Body in Suitcase

Alexander Acevedo, 23, faces criminal charges after officers found his roommate's body decomposing in a suitcase.

A man faces criminal charges after police were tipped off to a "foul odor" coming from the basement of an apartment building in Midlothian, Illinois, only to discover his roommate's body hidden in storage, according to police. 

On Friday night, Midlothian police were flagged down by a resident of an apartment building in the 14500 block of Keystone Ave. The resident reported a foul odor from the storage area and escorted police downstairs. 

There, the police found a suitcase inside a storage unit that contained the decomposing body, later identified as Kimberly Putterlik. Her official cause of death is pending the results of a toxicology report, but when officers interviewed her roommate, 23-year-old Alexander Acevedo, he stated that Putterlik died of an overdose on or around Nov. 13. 

Acevedo said he was afraid of calling the police and being kicked out of the apartment, so the following day he placed Putterlik in the suitcase downstairs where authorities found her. 

Acevedo has been charged with concealment of death and obstructing justice.

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