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Student Pilot Lands Plane After His Instructor Passes Out

“Student — great pilot. Tower — great tower. I'm telling you, you don't get that cooperation very often"

A student pilot has averted a tragedy by landing a plane single-handed after his instructor passed out at the controls, NBC News reported.

Australian Max Sylvester took control of the two-seater Cessna and was guided in to land by air traffic control Saturday. 

“Do you know how to operate the airplane?” an unidentified air traffic controller asked Sylvester, according to edited audio obtained by the Australian media.

“...this is my first, um, lesson,” Sylvester replied.

Sylvester, 29, said he had had two flying lessons before, but on a different aircraft which he had not brought in to land.

His flight school, Air Australia International, declined to comment.

As well as landing the aircraft Sylvester had to tend to his unconscious instructor. It was unclear why the instructor had passed out.

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