Stimulus Check Won't Be in the Mail for Americans Owing Child Support

But back taxes or late student loan payments don't disqualify people from getting the full amount they're eligible for

Social Security COLA
AP Photo/Bradley C. Bower, File

The coronavirus relief bill that passed Congress on Friday includes direct cash payments to help people through the crisis — but one red flag that can cost otherwise eligible Americans money is owing past due child support, according to NBC News.

Owing back taxes or other debt to the government is not a problem, according to Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the chairman of the Finance Committee and a key author of the bill.

The legislation "turns off nearly all administrative offsets that ordinarily may reduce tax refunds for individuals who have past tax debts, or who are behind on other payments to federal or state governments, including student loan payments," Grassley wrote in a post.

"The only administrative offset that will be enforced applies to those who have past due child support payments that the states have reported to the Treasury Department," he continued.

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