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St. Louis Cardinals in Hot Water After Controversial Tweet

The St. Louis Cardinals are in the midst of a celebration of their 1967 World Series championship this season, but they stepped into a firestorm of controversy thanks to a tweet about an upcoming promotion that some fans viewed as sexist.

That tweet, which contained a ticket offer for the team’s May 17 game against the Boston Red Sox, referenced the replica championship rings that they will be giving away that day, but unfortunately for the Cardinals, it also included an inference that women attending the game would be more interested in the jewelry than what happened on the diamond.

Here is the (since deleted) tweet:

Naturally, opposing fans handled it with quiet understanding and reflection (okay, so they actually made fun of the Cardinals mercilessly):

After the storm of controversy, the Cardinals issued an apology for the tweet:

Cubs fans looking to have some fun at the Cardinals’ expense won’t have to wait long, as the two teams will play each other this weekend at Busch Stadium, with the first game scheduled for Friday night. 

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