Squirrels Thwart Christmas in Norwalk by Chewing Lights

The Grinch might have embarked on a plan to steal Christmas from Whoville, but squirrels are out to ruin Christmas in the city of Norwalk, Connecticut.

City officials are blaming the critters for chewing through the wires on several strands of lights strung on the Christmas tree outside city hall.

Ken Hughes, Norwalk's superintendent of parks, told The Hour that he tested the lights on Monday, in advance of Wednesday night's official tree lighting ceremony, and only about a quarter of them lit up.

Then he noticed that a wire near the bottom of the tree was chewed through.

It took someone in a bucket truck more than three hours to go up and down the tree to find and replace other chewed wires. Fortunately, the strands of lights only cost about $17 each.

Officials figure squirrels are to blame because they can climb high enough.

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