Family Driving You Nuts This Holiday? Escape to “Other Desert Cities”

Holidays with one’s family are so often fraught with tension that many a movie and TV show have capitalized on the darkness and the humor pulsing within families at Christmastime. We see both on ample display in Jon Robin Baitz’s outstanding new play, "Other Desert Cities."  

With a killer cast currently starring Stockard Channing, Rachel Griffiths, Stacy Keach, Judith Light and Thomas Sadoski, we are invited into an intense family situation that often has every member of the audience holding their collective breath, mercifully off-set with large doses of humor punctuating the tension.

In "Other  Desert Cities," Brooke Wyeth (Rachel Griffiths, in her Broadway debut), a once promising novelist, returns home after a six-year absence to celebrate Christmas in Palm Springs with her parents, former members of the Reagan inner-circle (Stockard Channing and Stacy Keach), her brother (Thomas Sadoski) and her aunt (Judith Light). When Brooke announces that she is about to publish a memoir focusing on an explosive chapter in the family’s history, the holiday reunion is thrown into turmoil and the Wyeths are both bound together and torn apart as they struggle to come to terms with their past.

With critical acclaim and excellent word-of-mouth going strong, this is a must-see production.

"Other Desert Cities" is now playing at the Booth Theatre on Broadway. For ticket information, click here.


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