Sosa Needs to Lighten Up: Miami DJ

A comic DJ was kicked out of Sammy Sosa's 41st birthday bash

Sammy Sosa had to know that showing his face, the lighter one, at a South Beach hot spot was going to leave the slugger open to a little roasting during his 41st birthday bash.

Well, it happened and Sosa and his people were far from amused.

Spanish radio personality Enrique Santos arrived on the red carpet at Club Liv showing off his own new look, one that had Santos transformed from a light-skinned man to a kind of burnt orange Oompa. He calls it the reverse Sosa.

“I’m currently using a cream which has darkened my complexion,” Santos said on his website. “Ironically, Sammy is going through the same process, but the cream he is using is making him white.”

Sosa made headlines when he revealed his new rejuvenated skin treatment that made his face as pale as a ghost. Even on his birthday flyer, Sosa's pale skin looks like a make-up artists idea of a bad joke.

While Santos got laughs from photographers and guests outside the Fontainebleau, Sosa's people quickly stopped him at the door, according to several reports. Santos was ejected before he ever got to the plate to show Sosa how he was inspired to be remade.

“I explained to (the publicist) that it was a special cream I was using that darkened my face and then I asked her, ‘How many women in here are wearing makeup?” but she wasn’t having it,” Santos told the Miami Herald. “Was I not white enough for Sammy’s party or have the millions gotten to his head . . . I mean skin?”

Maybe Sosa really does need to lighten up.

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