Some Wild Wild Picks For Your Wild Wild Card Weekend

We pick all four NFL wild car games

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Time to man up and pick these playoff games. Be sure, when making your picks, to make it sound like you know what you're talking about! That way, people will totally think you know lots and lots about football, even though after kickoff you'll be proven hilariously wrong.

Okay, off we go.

Texans/Bengals. The Bengals are a low-scoring outfit. The Texans have struggled ever since losing Matt Schaub to injury. You'd think this would be a low-scoring affair, BUT YOU THOUGHT WRONG. I'm going with a high-scoring result just to make you look bad. Also, Arian Foster is awesome and deserves to run for 170 yards and win a playoff game virtually all on his own. TEXANS 34, BENGALS 33.

Saints/Lions. I get the whole, "Hey, Matt Flynn scored six TDs on the Lions, that means Drew Brees will score, like, twelve!" idea. But the NFL doesn't work that way. A team like Detroit does have the ability to adjust and NOT give up the same statistical output from the previous game. It can happen. Anyway, I like the Saints to go up big early, only to see the Lions make a fevered effort to make a game of it at the very end. SAINTS 35, LIONS 28.

Falcons/Giants. Just because the Giants won a whopping two games in a row (against choking teams) doesn't mean we should all hop on the "It's 2007 all over again!" bandwagon. Also, I'm rooting for Julio Jones to score four touchdowns in this game, just so Gregg Easterbrook's head explodes. FALCONS 26, GIANTS 17.

Steelers/Broncos. Like I said yesterday, John Fox should show some onions and bench Tim Tebow for this game. You're facing the #1 pass defense in football. How are you gonna score if you can't throw for more than one yard? Two more things. One: If the Texans win tomorrow, the Pats have to play the winner of this game, likely the Steelers. I can't imagine the Pats are very happy about that. I think they'd probably far rather get TJ Yates playing on the road. This is why the top seed should be able to pick it's divisional round opponent. Two: You don't want Tim Tebow doing some wacky Tebow stuff and winning this game at the end. I promise you, you don't. ESPN will ruin your life. STEELERS 14, BRONCOS 0.

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