Hipster ‘Socality Barbie' Hilariously Mocks Being ‘Authentic' on Instagram


A new account is doing a perfect job mocking the social struggle that is Instagram.

Meet Socality Barbie, who recognizes the struggle that is finding those "perfectly candid" moments to share with your friends. With her tousled brown hair, thick-framed glasses and occasional heart-foam latte, she'll make you laugh at the joke that is authenticity on Instagram.

It's become complicated to simply share moments with friends online now that those moments need to be perfectly planned out, captured, filtered and posted, complete with a variety of hashtags for optimum likes. Articles making the rounds detail how you're failing at Instagram and share the unspoken rules of the site. 

Vogue, for example, has shared advice such as "never post more than three photos a day," "posting your #TBT before 9:00 a.m. is embarrassing" and "a Diptic or Pic Stitch of several images from your vacation is not a good idea."

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So praise be to Socality Barbie, who is proving how ridiculous this whole Instagram game truly is. Case in point:

1. The Ice Cream Gram


2. The "Look How Cool" My Adventure Is Gram


3. The How Gorgeous Is the Ocean Gram


4. The Thinking Deep Thoughts Gram


5. The Just Casually Had My Outfit Laid Out Like This Gram


6. The Mysterious Boyfriend #FollowMe to the Next Adventure Gram


7. The How Impressive Is My Coffee Heart Foam Art Gram


8. The Oh, Just Happened to Pack a Casual Picnic Gram


Thanks again, Socality Barbie, for reminding us how silly living life confined inside the four corners of Instagram can be. So, get out there and live beyond the #Instagood and #VscoCam coordinated shots!

Because we girls can do anything! Right, Barbie?

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