So That's What Rango Looks Like

First there was the utterly pointless teaser, then the uber cryptic website and now, finally, a peek at "Rango, the titular lizard in Johnny Depp's upcoming animated adventute.

"Rango," about a lizard with an identity crisis, is being written and directed by Gore Verbinski, who has made three films and a mountain of money at the helm of the "Pirates of Carribean" franchise.

Today the first image of Rango was revealed via a twitpic from Alex Billington at First Showing, who wrote, "Everyone, meet Rango! New teaser trailer debuts tomorrow."

Now, Billington clearly has spoken to people we haven't, but a visit to the film's website -- which, if you play around with it, features a guitar-strumming bird, an angry frog, a coconut-throwing palm tree, two misguided rodents -- shows a wind-up fish flying past trailing a banner that reads "2 days."

Maybe the two have nothing to do one another. If Billington's twitpic is to be believed, this whole matter should be cleared up by March 2011.

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