Snakes, Crocodiles, Komodo Dragons, Poisonous Frogs Smuggled On-Board Bus

Animals destined for Bulgaria

A Bulgarian man was reportedly busted while trying to smuggle dangerous reptiles and other creatures into the country by bus from the Czech Republic.

The accused smuggler allegedly hid in boxes or suitcases animals including: 49 turtles, 15 chameleons, six komodo dragons, four Cayman crocodiles, pythons and poisonous tree frogs, Reuters reported.

Milen Dimitrov, chief of the Kalotina checkpoint on the Serbian border, told Reuters some of the suitcases were placed between bus seats during the accused smuggler’s 1,500-kilometer (932-mile) journey.

A spokeswoman for Bulgaria’s customs office said the animals had been put under the care of the Sofia zoo.

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