Walmart, Target Spark Controversy With Superhero T-Shirts

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Target and Walmart have come under fire recently for their new line of DC Comics-licensed clothing.

Walmart is selling a Junior's shirt that reads in bright pink lettering: "Training to be Batman's wife."

Also for sale is a Superman shirt that shows him clutching Wonder Woman to his chest and kissing her with a bubble that reads "Score! Superman does it again."

The shirts were released the week that Marvel's female Thor debuted.

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DC Comics has responded to the outrage over the Walmart shirts, and they agree that the message the clothing is sending is pretty terrible, saying in a statement to CBR News:

"DC Comics is home to many of the greatest male and female Super Heroes in the world. All our fans are incredibly important to us, and we understand that the messages on certain t-shirts are offensive. We agree. Our company is committed to empowering boys and girls, men and women, through our characters and stories. Accordingly, we are taking a look at our licensing and product design process to ensure that all our consumer products reflect our core values and philosophy."

Meanwhile, shoppers have spotted these superhero-themed baby PJ's at Target's in Canada:

The boy pajamas read: "Future Man of Steel," underneath the Superhero logo while the girl pajamas read: "I only date heroes" with the same logo.

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Target spokeswoman Kalynn Crump said in an email to CBC News regarding the shirts: "Target strives to treat all our guests with respect, and it is never our intent to offend anyone. We appreciate the feedback we've received and will continue to listen to our guests to ensure we offer merchandise that appeals to, and reflects, our diverse guest population."

She also stated that Target didn't "have any plans to make adjustments to our assortment at this time."

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