Seventh Person Dies After Illinois Tornadoes

Rosamund Allison, 82, was pronounced dead Thanksgiving night

Getty Images

A seventh person has died from injuries sustained during the Nov. 17 tornadoes that swept through central Illinois.

Rosamund Allison, 82, was pronounced dead at 11:15 p.m. Thursday, the Peoria County coroner confirmed. Allison sustained multiple injuries when an EF-4 tornado hit her Washington home as it raked the small town. 

Family members told NBC affiliate WEEK-TV the tornado's winds pulled the woman from her home and dropped debris on her.

The tornado traveled 46.2 miles on the ground, forecasters said, leveling countless homes. Steve Neubauer, 51, was also killed and at least 122 were injured. Tornadoes were blamed for the deaths of five others across the state.

The coroner said an autopsy will be done Saturday.


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