Miss Utah Says Flubbed Question Was “Confusing”

She didn't get the crown but got a second chance at redemption for her reputation.

Miss Utah Marissa Powell, 21, took to the "Today" show on Tuesday after video of the answer she blundered during the interview portion of the Miss USA pageant went viral.

Powell explained that the question posed by panelist NeNe Leakes was "a little bit confusing." Leakes had asked, “A recent report shows that in 40 percent of American families with children women are the primary earners, yet they continue to earn less than men. What does it say about society?”

Matt Lauer gave Powell a second shot at answering the question and this time she came prepared.

"So this is not okay," Powell said with confidence. "It needs to be equal pay for equal work and it's hard enough already to earn a living and it shouldn't be harder just because you're a woman."

Her new response was met with applause from Lauer and the new Miss USA, Erin Brady, who was also in the "Today" studio.

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