Scoop: Gosselin Kids Going Through Difficult Time

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Jon and Kate Gosselin’s eight children are no longer being taped by reality-show crews, but reports that they’re having a difficult time are making it into the press regardless.

The children’s former nanny Stephanie Santoro is the source of recent news about the kids. She told Life & Style that the children are confused by the divorce and truly miss having cameras around.

Cara, one of the couple’s 9-year-old twins, “used to sit and cry to me that she didn’t understand and thought (the divorce) was her fault,” Santoro told the magazine. “I would always tell her, ‘It’s not your fault, it’s just something that happened. Mommy and Daddy will tell you more.’ ”

Kate did not immediately remove her wedding ring, but when she did, the kids quickly noticed, according to Santoro. “The kids immediately asked, ‘Where’s your ring?’ So she replaced it with another one,” Santoro said.

The children are also coping with the loss of the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” crew. Filming stopped in early October when Jon posted “no trespassing” signs on the family’s property and demanded production be shut down. “Kate says the kids miss the crew,” said Santoro. “They grew up around them and loved interacting with the crew. I’m sure the kids are devastated.”

Beyonce’s big Gadhafi payday
Beyonce Knowles, like many an A-lister, rang in New Year’s Eve on the island of St. Barts, but the company she kept is continuing to raise eyebrows. Knowles reportedly attended and performed five songs at a party thrown by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s son Moutassim, also known as Hannibal.

Her rep isn’t confirming she was there, but Russell Simmons is vouching for her attendance. Further, Knowles performed to the tune of a reported $2 million. Again, no confirmation from her rep, but according to one source who’s familiar with some of the singer’s deals, this would be a huge pay increase.

“She usually gets a fee of about $200,000, maybe $250,000, and as well as the costs associated with her appearance,” said the source. “That would include hair and makeup, a private jet for travel, that kind of thing. But nowhere near enough to get her to $2 million dollars.”

Does the connection to Libya bother Knowles? “Again, $2 million dollars,” emphasized the source. “I don’t think Beyonce was talking about politics if when she agreed to this.”

Tila Tequila haunted by vision of Casey Johnson
Casey Johnson’s fiancée, Tila Tequila, hasn’t made any public statements about Johnson’s death outside of Twitter or Facebook, but the comments she’s posting there are enough to provide a glimpse into what she’s thinking.

“I can't stop these haunting visions of her and I," she wrote on her Twitter early Tuesday morning. “We made such a lovely couple, only beginning to spend the rest of our lives together ...” Hours later, Tequila’s Facebook followers were informed, “Tila went from being ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single.’ ”

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