Russia-Ukraine War

Satellite Photos Show Breakup of Russian Convoy Outside Kyiv

Satellite image
2022 Maxar Technologies

Satellite photos show that a massive Russian convoy that had been mired outside the Ukrainian capital since last week appeared to have dispersed.

Satellite imagery from Maxar Technologies showed the 40-mile (64-kilometer) line of vehicles, tanks and artillery has broken up and been redeployed, with armored units seen in towns near the Antonov Airport north of the city. Some of the vehicles have moved into forests, Maxar reported.

The convoy had massed outside the city early last week, but its advance appeared to have stalled amid reports of food and fuel shortages. U.S. officials said Ukrainian troops also targeted the convoy with anti-tank missiles.

A U.S. defense official speaking on condition of anonymity said some vehicles were seen moving off the road into the tree line in recent days, but the official could not confirm whether the convoy had dispersed.

Russian forces carried out an airstrike on Wednesday in the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr.

Thousands of people have been killed and more than 2 million have fled the country since Russian troops crossed into Ukraine on Feb. 24.

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