Sarah Silverman Declares She’s ‘Literally’ Team Conan, Offers Advice To Leno

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Sarah Garcia

Sarah Silverman is rooting for Conan O'Brien in the late night stakes.

"I really… got my start on Conan… I think of the Conan people as family," Sarah told reporters following her brief visit to the Television Critics Association panel on Friday afternoon in Pasadena. "Sensibility wise, I literally was on Team Conan. I played on their indoor soccer league."

The funny lady, whose third season of "The Sarah Silverman Program" premieres on Comedy Central on February 4, said Conan was a key to her success.

"The first time I ever got recognized on the street, it was from being on Conan all the time, so my heart is kind of there and I also feel like, 'Geez,' they moved… all their families,'" Sarah said. "I'm friends with those people that work on that show and Conan as well, and they moved their families — their kids are in schools out here."

And Sarah said NBC's recent announcement that they've asked Conan to move "The Tonight Show" to 12:05 AM to accommodate a shift in "The Jay Leno Show," which the network said they would move to 11:35 PM, so soon after Conan took the "Tonight Show" helm, isn't fair.

"Really? Six months? I mean give the guy a f***ing chance," she said. "He did so much for them at 12:30, but then again, I'm somebody that would probably be jazzed to stay at 12:30. I like being able to do whatever I want to do. They all want that coveted 11:30."

Sarah said despite the troubles her friend, who announced earlier this week would not accept NBC's move, has encountered, it's created excellent late night banter.

"It's super exciting to watch the monologues every night. When Conan said that joke the other night about NBC lost, whatever, 30 zillion dollars, this year — is it just me or is that hilarious? That was so funny," Sarah said.

And a few barbs have come from Sarah's ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel, who wore a Jay Leno-style chin and wig when he hosted his own "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday and who appeared on "10 @ 10" on "The Jay Leno Show" on Thursday night.

"I've got see that clip of Jimmy on Leno," Sarah enthused. "I've been leading my own life lately."

Sarah offered some womanly advice for Jay.

"I have nothing bad to say about anybody, but I do recall a certain young Jay Leno saying that he was going to take his wife Mavis out for dinner by the time he was 60, isn't that what he said five years ago?" she asked. "How 'bout that dinner. Mavis is starving. But I don't know… I hope that Conan winds up at, like, Fox with everything he ever wanted because he deserves it."

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