Sarah Jessica Parker: Why I Don't Own a Cell Phone Anymore

Sarah Jessica Parker is one very busy woman.

She's an actress, producer, mom of three, wife and philanthropist, among many others things.

So, you'd think she'd be on her cell phone all the time, right?

Turns out SJP actually doesn't own a cell phone.

"I don't because I don't like being behind in both phone calls and emails," Parker told E! News while promoting "City.Ballet," her new docuseries for the AOL On Network about the New York City Ballet. "So I chose emails because when you're on a set you can carefully and sneakily check a BlackBerry, but you can't return a phone call. Hearing 'Your voicemail is full' is horrifying to me."

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Top of her plate right now is "City.Ballet." She not only developed and is producing the series, but she's also its narrator.

"The Ballet is at its finest point in years," Parker said. "It's a company that arguably has the greatest dancers in the world, and I wondered, 'How can I introduce this company to a larger audience so that when people come to New York, they not only see a Broadway show, but they go 20 blocks north and buy a ticket to the ballet?'"

With Parker at the helm, the dancers don't have to worry about being exploited or misrepresented.

"It's not about the drama and the backstabbing and hysteria and catfights that people tend to think exists in that world," she said. "It's much more interesting than that really."

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Shooting will begin in about five weeks.

"I'm hoping to reach a larger audience, reach people outside the metropolitan area who might think of the ballet as a rarefied world they can't understand," Parker said. "I want to invite them to learn about it and be excited about by they see. We're hoping this creates a lot more interested people and ticket buyers. It's very hard to go to the ballet once and not come back again."

Meanwhile, it was just announced that Parker will hit the stage of the Manhattan Theatre Club in the fall to star alongside Blythe Danner in "The Common of Pensacola," a drama about a family facing money problems written by "Something's Gotta Give" actress Amanda Peet.

Parker has also added her name to the host committee for an upcoming fundraiser for NYC mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio.

Hey, Sarah Jessica, you sure you don't want a cell phone?

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