San Francisco Bar Outs Negative Yelper

Kozy Kar demands that patron "act like an adult"

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Kozy Kar was all the rage on Yelp last week, when it boasted a perfect five-star rating and such? Well, that honeymoon lasted exactly a week. We've seen how Pizzeria Delfina countered negative reviews; here's the Kozy Kar guide:

After a Yelper filed a poor review, the bar fired back on its slightly-NSFW (boobies) Web site, wherein it lays some ground rules and warning:

Please act like an adult and respect the bar as well as its patrons. We will not tolerate the frat boy mentality. Please go to the Marina instead.

The following is a picture of the type of person that I’m referring to [inserted here on the Kozy Kar Web site: a rather hilarious/trashy personal photo of the lady Yelper in question, chugging from a handle of whiskey]

Yes, you are so cool. How old are you?

You are from Hercules, CA. the mecca of knowledge and culture.

Well, they may or may not have a point about Hercules, but that little Herculean Yelper isn't happy about having her photos on the Internet (sidenote: why put them online in the first place ?).

But we feel you, Megan D.; it sure is hard when immature businesses act like immature Yelpers and decide to rate Yelpers back with a dose of their own medicine. This like when an irresistible force meets an immovable object.

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