Sam Worthington: ‘Sex And The City 3-D Is An Awesome Idea!'

Sam Worthington: "Sex and the City 3-D is an Awesome Idea"

Sam Worthington has gone to battle with the Navi in "Avatar" and taken on the gods in "Clash of the Titans" — but is the Aussie action superstar ready for his fiercest opponent yet – Carrie Bradshaw and the Fab Four?

When Access Hollywood's Billy Bush caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker and the "Sex and The City" gals in Las Vegas for ShoWest 2010 last week, the girls joked their new movie had added a few exciting new twists to compete with the other blockbusters.

"[It's] 3-D!" Sarah Jessica told Billy. "It has a lot to do with battles…"

"And there's a serpent that rises from the water," Kristin Davis added.

"And Sam Worthington is in it!" SJP concluded.

As far as Sam is concerned – sign him up!

"Like I'm the 3-D poster boy or something?!" he laughed while talking with Access Hollywood at the "Clash of the Titans" press junket in Hollywood on Saturday. "I'll go on 'Sex and The City' — damn straight! They're good looking ladies."

As for the idea that "Sex and The City 2" should be released in 3-D, Sam said that would really be something to see.

"Sex and The City 3-D – that's an awesome idea. A Jimmy Choo shoe coming at you!" he laughed. "I'd go see that."

In fact, Sam – who takes on the role of Perseus in the "Clash of the Titans" reboot – said there was one "SATC" girl in particular he'd like to check out.

"I'd go see Charlotte in 3-D," he smiled of "SATC's" resident Upper East Side good girl.

For now, Sam is perfectly happy sticking to the realm of big budget action films like "Terminator Salvation," "Avatar" and "Clash of the Titans." Down the road, however, would he ever consider taking on a romantic comedy?

"Yeah, me and Christian Bale in a romantic comedy – who's gonna go see that?!" he joked. "I do movies that I would go and see. As far as I'm concerned, I like these big boy movies at the moment. That's what I'm into."

Although it appears there is one rom-com leading lady Sam is willing to spend his time – and his money – on.

"I would go and see Reese Witherspoon's movies," he grinned.

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