Ruth Wilson's Character in ‘The Affair' Unexpectedly Killed Off After Actress Noted Pay Disparity with Male Co-Stars

In a February interview, Wilson expressed her belief that Dominic West was paid more than she was

What to Know

  • Wilson's character was killed off in Sunday's episode
  • Earlier this year, Wilson suggested she was likely paid less than one of her co-stars
  • "The Affair" showrunner Sarah Treem told The Hollywood Reporter that Wilson wanted to leave the show

Actress Ruth Wilson’s character in the show “The Affair” was killed off Sunday, raising questions about whether her departure was tied to comments she made about unequal pay earlier this year.

The show depicts the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship, according to its description on Showtime’s website. Wilson plays a character named Alison, a waitress and wife “trying to piece her life back together in the wake of a tragedy.”

The character, who approached the ocean near her house and drowned herself in the most recent episode, was part of the show’s main cast, according to Newsweek. Wilson received a Golden Globe for her role in the show.

In an interview with RadioTimes in February, Wilson said she believed co-star Dominic West was paid more than she was.

“Certainly when I signed up to that project, I would have got paid less,” Wilson said in the interview. “Then they [the producers] might argue, ‘Well, he’s already done a major American TV show [The Wire] so he’s already got a level.’ But even after a Golden Globe I’m not going to be on parity.”

Wilson’s representatives haven’t returned NBC’s calls or emails seeking comment.

“The Affair” showrunner Sarah Treem told The Hollywood Reporter that “Ruth wanted to leave the show” but didn’t provide a reason.

It’s unclear if Wilson left the show because of the alleged pay disparity.

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