Rubio Cracks Joke About Trump's ‘Shoot Somebody' Boast

Marco Rubio on Saturday laughed off Donald Trump's boast that he could shoot someone and wouldn't lose voters, telling reporters "I wouldn't recommend that he do that."

"It's probably not a good idea for him to do that and I would not recommend that he do it but you know ... that's Donald," Rubio said, and then broke into laughter, NBC News reported.

Rubio said that too-restrictive gun laws are the real issue in New York.

"The bigger problem in New York is, it's almost impossible to even have a gun and protect your families, so that's why its so important our next president be someone who defends the Second Amendment," Rubio said.

Rubio has emphasized his commitment to gun rights on the campaign trail in recent weeks, telling voters in New Hampshire last weekend about buying a gun on Christmas Eve in order to protect his family and touring an arms manufacturer, where he bought a rifle.

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