Robert Wagner to Play Murder Suspect on “NCIS”

Role comes on heels of new probe into Natalie Wood's death

Robert Wagner isn't a murder suspect, but he's about to play one on TV.

The 81-year-old actor has been in the news lately, as the 30-year-old death of his wife Natalie Wood has been reopened as a homicide investigation. Authorities have said he is not currently a suspect in Wood's death, which occurred on his yacht. But now, Wagner is set to play a suspected killer on the CBS drama "NCIS."

In the episode "Sins of the Father," which airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET, Wagner plays the father of Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo Jr. In a clip from the “Sins of the Father” episode, the elder DiNozzo is arrested after a body is found in the trunk of his car.

“I have no recollection of what happened,” DiNozzo tells police.

Wood died on Nov. 29, 1981 in what has long been classified an accidental drowning. She was aboard Wagner's boat with Wagner, actor Christopher Walken and the boat's captain. The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department is re-examining the case in light of comments by the captain, Dennis Davern, who is now saying he lied to police immediately after Wood turned up dead. He now claims Wood and Wagner had a fierce fight, ands that after she went missing, the actor tried to slow down the investigation. 

Last week, Wagner released a statement saying he welcomed the new probe.

"Although no one in the Wagner family has heard from the LA County Sheriff’s department about this matter, they fully support the efforts of the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. and trust they will evaluate whether any new information relating to the death of Natalie Wood Wagner is valid, and that it comes from a credible source or sources other than those simply trying to profit from the 30-year anniversary of her tragic death," the statement said.

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