RNC Scrambling to Throw a Trump-Style Party

The presumptive nominee says political conventions are usually "boring"

Donald Trump has made it clear the Republican National Convention will be full of the showmanship he has honed from years of starring in a reality television show and appearing in the tabloids.

The convention, set for next month in Cleveland, will not be the usual politician-heavy gathering the presumptive nominee has described as "boring."

"It's not gonna be a ho-hum lineup of the typical politicians," daughter Ivanka Trump said Wednesday in a radio interview. "It's gonna be a great combination of our great politicians, but also great American businessmen and women and leaders across industry and leaders across really all the sectors, from athletes to coaches and everything in between."

But with less than three weeks to go before the convention, held by the Republican National Committee, there's more known about who won't be in Cleveland than who will be. A slew of Republicans and corporate sponsors have bowed out of the event, declining to join in the celebrations for the controversial candidate.  

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