Puppies Dumped Off Bridge Reunite With Their Mother

Four puppies that survived being dumped off a bridge in Rhome, Texas, will be reunited with their mother thanks to the power of social media.

The Wise County Shelter Volunteer group was alerted to a Facebook post about how two young boys walking along a creek bed near County Road 4421 and State Highway 287 witnessed a truck pull up on the bridge and someone inside throw a white Walmart bag over the bridge into the creek.

The boys heard crying and opened the bag. Inside were nine puppies, but only four were alive.

Cody Kyles was one of the boys who tried to help the puppies.

“I thought whoever did it has to be one really sick person, because, I mean, who just stops their car, throws out a sack of puppies and just drives off like that?” he said.

Cody’s mother posted pictures of the puppies and their story on Facebook.

Meanwhile, 18 miles away in Haslet, witnesses say a very frantic nursing mother dog kept running into the Walmart store at Farm-to-Market Road 718 and State Highway 287.

They say staff took her outside several times but she kept running back into the store.

Celine Broecker, with Junebugs Rescue, received a phone call about the dog and retrieved her from Walmart property. Broecker told NBC 5 it was obvious the dog had been nursing puppies recently. She also posted a picture of the female dog and its story on Facebook.

“It's truly shocking because I had no idea that she was ever going to be reunited to the puppies,” said Broecker.

However, the pictures were passed along and shared in various Facebook community pages. Within 24 hours, the mother and her puppies were reunited.

They’re now in the care of Broecker’s rescue group. Once the puppies reach 10 weeks old, they and the mother dog will be put up for adoption.

“They should all be dead right now. I think there’s an angel up there,” said Broecker.

The Wise County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident.

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