“Top Gun” Cast Then and Now

With talk of a sequel to the 1986 classic setting the internet abuzz, let's take a look at what's become of the film's biggest stars. Suffice to say they haven't all followed the same path.

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Tom Cruise / Pete "Maverick" Mitchell
Already a star by the time Top Gun came out, this film launched him into a different stratosphere, taking in more than his previous six films combined and establishing him as one of Hollywood's most bankable stars.
Things were humming along fine until May 23, 2005, when Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch to express his love for Katie Holmes, kicking off a heightened level of scrutiny--fairly or not--that focused on his belief in Scientology, his relationship with Holmes and their daughter Suri. Has been in image rehabilitation mode ever since.
Kelly McGillis / Charlie
She made a name for herself the year before with her role, opposite Harrison Ford, as the Amish mother to Lukas Haas in Witness, which won two Oscars and earned six other nominations.
Two years later she starred opposite Jodie Foster in The Accused before slowly drifting into obscurity, apparently putting her energies into her new family. Then in April 2009, shortly after making two appearances on The L Word, McGillis announced to the world that she is a lesbian. The world shrugged.
Val Kilmer / Iceman
Having already starred in tow cult classic comedies, Real Genius and Top Secret, this was a bit of a step back for Kilmer, but all that sweaty volleyball action made him a class A bohunk.
Over the next 20 years the parts got worse and Kilmer got progressively fatter. His turn as Gay Perry in 2005's "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" reminded many how damn funny he could be, but his career never white fully recovered. he last appeared in MacGruber earlier this summer.
Anthony Daniels / Goose
The sexual tension between Goose and Maverick was a bit much at times, and when Iceman came along things got even hotter. Goose's death was probably the first time many men born between 1967 and 1973 cried in a movie theater.
He would never again make a film anyone cared about, but popped up in a short arc on Northern Exposure, which led the following year to a lead role on "ER." If someone had told you in 1986 that 15 years later Goose would be hotter--both career-wise and sexually--than Iceman, they'd've fallen over laughing.
Meg Ryan / Carole
A virtual unknown before TG, Ryan played Goose's wife, a role that quickly lead to lead roles in Innerspace and DOA before she got her star-making part in When Harry Met Sally.
Ryan spent the next decade or so as America's Sweetheart, the super cute but not unapproachable girl next door, before the vagaries of time brought to a close her window. She was last (not) seen in Serious Moonlight, with no projects on the horizon.
Tom Skerrit / Viper
Previously best known for small roles in MASH, Alien and Dead Zone, his role as the Colonel apparently caught the eye of TV casting directors, sending him on a very successful career on the small screen, including the lead on Picket Fences.
Skerrit has remained mostly on TV ever since, most recently as one of the stars of Brothers & Sisters
Tim Robbins / Merlin
You're to be forgiven if you don't remember he was in this movie. It would be another two years before he'd get his big break as Kevin Costner's competition for Susan Sarandon in Bull Durham. Costner would win the battle, but Robbins won the war.
Robbins would go on a nice 12-year run from 1992 in The Player to 2003's Mystic River. He's since settled into smaller roles, like The Stranger in Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (above) and split with Sarandon in 2009. He can next be seen in Green Lantern.
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