Police Radio Recording Reveal Early Moments of Newtown Shooting

Police radio recordings from the Newtown school shooting shows emergency responders initially thought there were two gunmen at the site and were unaware of the extent of the carnage, NBC News reported. The communications, which were not officially released but posted on YouTube and authenticated by police, provide insight on how the grisly scene unfolded. They begin with a dispatcher reporting a 911 call about “somebody shooting in the building,” followed two minutes later with an update that a caller was “continuing to hear what they believe to be gunfire.” One dispatcher notified responding officers that a witness saw “two shooters, running past the gym.” “Make sure you have your vests on,” one voice cautions officers in the early minutes. One dispatcher was heard requesting two ambulances. The first report of casualties came three minutes later of a person with a "wound to a foot." Three more minutes passed and emergency teams were getting their first hints of the mounting body count. “We’ve got an injured person in room Number 9 with numerous gunshot wounds,” a dispatcher said.

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