Family of Geese Moved Off Interstate

A family of Canada geese was shepherded to safety off a Chicago-area interstate Tuesday evening, after a special police escort crept behind the birds and snarled traffic for more than an hour during the evening commute.

Seven geese -- two adults and five goslings -- waddled along the side of the I-80/94 followed by two police cruisers and a tow truck.

A couple of good Samaritans in vehicles had initially provided an escort for the family of geese, before police showed up.

The birds headed west and crossed the Illinois state line into Lansing, approaching the Wentworth Bridge.

The goslings, which cannot fly, were occasionally ducking into traffic in the left lane, creating several close calls with passing vehicles.

Police closed the interstate temporarily and guided the geese into the right lane.

Police blocked the geese just past Wentworth Avenue at a turnaround on the shoulder.

The geese were then guided off the highway into an adjoining neighborhood and appeared to be acclimating well to their new surroundings, although not staying away from local roads.

The situation caused extensive traffic backups in the area, according to Sky 5's Mike Lorber.

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