Peter Facinelli: Staying Out of His Vampire Kids' Movie Deals

As the head of the "Twilight" Cullen household, you would think Peter Facinelli would knock some vampire heads to get his onscreen children to sign up for the final "Twilight" saga "Breaking Dawn."

Two Cullen kids, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene, have reportedly been trying to score paydays of about $1.5 million for the final "Twilight" chapter. While most every other actor is on board, as well as new director Bill Condon, these holdouts are attracting a lot of attention.

Facinelli told PopcornBiz at the StepUp Inspiration awards on Friday that's he's signed up for "Breaking Dawn" but he is not using his fatherly influence to work with the other kids.

"I haven't spoken to them about this," he says, adding that he doesn't plan to either.

"Their deals are their deals. I respect whatever they decide to do. Every actor has to do their deal."

Don't you hate hippie Vampire father-figures?

The two actors' holdout could lead to vampire-fan trauma and a possible replacement for the actors if a proper deal cannot be reached. But Facinelli was very serene about the prospect and even claimed not to know whether the final "Twilight" chapter will be one movie or two.

"I don't think it's been decided," he says. "I respect Summit's ability to decide when they get to the cutting room floor to see if it warrants one movie or two. If it doesn't they'll make one."

"The decision will be made at some point, but it won't be my decision."

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