Passengers get stuck upside down on Lumberjack ride in Ontario for almost 30 minutes

Viral videos showed the panicked riders dangling 75 feet in the air

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Passengers on a Lumberjack ride at the Canada Wonderland park in Ontario were stranded upside down for almost a half-hour Saturday night.

Viral videos on TikTok showed the riders' feet in the air as the two axes meant to swing riders upside down stood frozen due to an apparent malfunction.

Maintenance crews worked for around 25 minutes before they were able to get the terrified riders down and upright, reported Toronto CTV News.

“Two guests reported chest pain and were attended to at the park’s health centre before being released without need for further medical attention. The safety of our guests is always our first priority," Grace Peacock, a Canada Wonderland spokesperson, told Toronto CTV News.

No major injuries were reported. However, one person did reportedly vomit while stuck on the ride, the CBC reported.

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