South Park Creators at Work on Mormon Play

Off-Broadway musical in works from TV's irreverant duo

It’s hard to get genuinely excited about things these days. We’re all so jaded. Most anything I get truly excited about usually involves dinner.

But a comedic off-Broadway musical about the Mormon faith from the same people that brought you “South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut”? Holy smokes, my fanboy cortex is fully engaged. From Variety:

A new tuner from "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and "Avenue Q" composer-lyricist Robert Lopez is on tap for the 2010-11 season at Off Broadway's New York Theater Workshop.

Subject matter is being kept under wraps, but it seems a sure bet the project will turn out to be the tuner about Mormons on which the three creatives have been collaborating for some time.

Let’s ignore for a moment that Variety writers refer to musicals as “tuners,” because that makes me angry. Instead, let us focus on the goodness. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have collaborated on two musical films: “South Park” and “Team America.” Both were comedic milestones. They’re the only people on Earth who can get me to see a musical in any form.

And, if you know your “South Park,” you know the duo already created an episode that manages to both savage and defend the Mormon faith in equal measure. It’s a flawless episode, and if the musical matches it in quality, we’re in for some big love.

So prepare yourself, Latter Day Saints and non-Latter Day Saints alike. A Parker-Stone musical is always worth salivating over.

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