Park Forest Police Read Mean Tweets About Department in Hilarious Video

Park Forest police know they need thick skin to do their job--but they probably weren't expecting this.

The department released a video this week showing officers from the Chicago suburb reading mean comments about them on Twitter. The grievances varied from complaints about "getting raped with tickets" to pleas for them to just "go away."

“He's saying there is no need for us. In that case, we’re out of here,” said one officer reading a tweet in the video.

The hilarious video shows officers reading tweets like “Park Forest Police suck. I dont [sic] even think they have detectives. They not gonna solve anything.”

The department said it made the video thinking “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

“While we take complaints very seriously, it's hard to treat anonymous, profanity-laden tweets about incidents we know nothing about and can't defend with too much gravity,” a post on the department's Facebook page read.

At the end of the video, one officer says the department wants “everybody to be happy with the service we provide.”

“But we also know that police work’s a tough job, we have to make tough choices and not everyone’s going to be happy with us all the time,” he says.

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