Paging KITT, Save the Hoff from His “Comedy Central” Roast

News that David Hasselhoff has agreed to be the subject of a Comedy Central roast can mean only one thing -- his evil twin Garthe Knight is back and more powerful than ever.

That's the only reason the Hoff would agree to be held up and ridiculed on national television (okay, basic cable but you get the idea) in the worst possible way. For those who love a good verbal bloodbath, mark your calendar for Aug. 15. And dear Mr. Hasselhoff, here's hoping you take this time to reconsider. You can reconsider, right?

Right now, the Hoff seems pretty game about the whole thing, saying he's "honored."

"I have always been a major fan of Roasts, dating back to the 'Dean Martin Celebrity Roast,' " he said in a release. "Laughter is the best medicine."

Clearly he has not seen versions of recent Comedy Centrals roasts. There is no Dean Martin, no old showbiz rules about where to draw the line. There is no line. There is no medicine.

The producers simply find the desired celebrity, highlight their most sensitive personal issues then have guests -- some of whom have never even met the subject but who excel at humiliating roasting --  and turn on the juice. All with the celebrity sitting there with a fixed smile trying to pretend they find something amusing about it.

It might be a large paycheck, but it's the hardest one they can ever earn.

And the Hoff has plenty of material out there that goes beyond his penchant for playing his own evil double -- tabloid material which he previously has shown a great sensitivity to (understandably). If this roast is like any other, all of his tabloid incidents are going to be fair game, hence the paycheck.

If the Hoff keeps his killer smile through all of this, it's going to be the best acting he's ever done.

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