Olympic Feud: Curlers Slam Kirstie Alley After She Calls Sport ‘Boring'

Even Mr T, who’s tweeted about his admiration for the sport, came to the curlers’ defense

Kirstie Alley got burned on Twitter — by the U.S. men’s curling team.

“Im not trying to be mean but…… Curling is boring,” the 67-year-old actress tweeted Monday, throwing the first stone.

The team replied icily from their official account that’s named after their captain, John Schuster: “We’re not trying to be mean either but your movies weren’t exactly riveting theater Kirstie.”

Curler Matt Hamilton added: “You’re entitled to your wrong opinion."

Alley’s reply was three laughing emojis. But the Olympic feud didn’t end there. Curling fans on Twitter didn’t appreciate the diss and launched their own takeouts. 

“Your response should have simply been, "Look who's talking..." one person tweeted at the curling team, referencing Alley's 1989 movie. 

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“Kirstie Alley just became a burned stone here,” said another.

Even Mr T, who’s tweeted about his admiration for the sport, swept to the curlers’ defense.

“Curling is cool, I Pity The Fool who don’t like Curling! Grrr #curlingiscoolfool,” he wrote.

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Alley later seemed to change her tune in the end.

“Ok I’m gonna give it another chance!” she tweeted. “My son loves watching Curling! He doesn’t love figure skating which I do so we can make each other give 2nd chances today!”

The Olympic feud ended with the team inviting Alley and her son to learn the sport with a local curling organization in Hollywood. 

Meanwhile, on Wednesday the U.S. men's curling team advanced to their first curling semifinals since 2006. That's not boring. 

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