Ohio Mom Goes Viral With Extreme Costume Crocheting

Stephanie Pokorny said she doesn’t keep exact numbers, but it takes about 50 hours to complete each full crochet costume.

Finding the perfect Halloween costume is important for a child.

Stephanie Pokorny knows that firsthand and that’s why she has taken Halloween costumes to the next level. She has taken her love of crocheting and turned it into a passion project each year.

"The full body costumers have become our tradition and each year my children tell me what they would like to be and I work to make it happen for them,” Pokorny said. "They are not patterned and not for sale, just a fun and creative outlet for us and for others to enjoy. However, I make lots of patterns for other crocheters to follow along and make their own." [[563969531,C]]

The Halloween costumes take dedication. Pokorny said she doesn’t keep exact numbers, but it takes about 50 hours to complete each costume.

"It is absolutely amazing to have something that I would do for my babies without a drop of other recognition. [I just like to] bring joy and smiles to others. Especially when people who do not crochet at all. Their enjoyment of it is especially cool, because I work to show everyone how amazing crochet as an art medium can truly be," Pokorny said.

She sells those patterns she told us about on Ravelry.com and on her blog. [[563969551,C]]

She has been crocheting for more than 20 years. Her grandmother taught her when she was 16 years old. She used to make lap blankets for the local veterans hospital and Pokorny would watch.

Pokorny said it’s about so much more than just a hobby.

"Crochet allows me to create things for my babies, which is my ultimate love. Specifically, the medium of crochet allows limitless possibilities for 3D work and I really look at it as sculpting, but with yarn,” Pokorny said.

Her skills don’t stop with the Halloween costumes though. Pokorny creates garments and costume components.

"Fantasy dress and costuming is my passion, so even when the season ends, you will find me creating whimsical things in crochet," Pokorny said. [[563969631,C]]

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