Oh God! Calling Out The Not–Silent Sighs Over Sarah Palin's Reality Show

Not everyone was thrilled to hear about Sarah Palin's new reality program at the Discovery Network's Upfront day yesterday in Los Angeles.

After reality show uber-producer Mark Burnett began to discuss TLC's new show "Sarah Palin's Alaska," there were nervous laughs from the audience of journalists and advertisers. One audience member invoked the Lord's name, and not in a flattering way.

"Oh God?" Burnett asked in the direction of the audience member's voice, prompting even great laughter from the audience.

Burnett deftly pivoted and turned the gripe into a segue.

"That's a good point," he added, following up on the call to the creator. "Because Sarah Palin is going to walk in the shoes of everyday Alaskans."

Burnett promised the show will depict Alaska "through the eyes of its most famous resident." He then featured a clip of a perky, animated Palin near a snowmobile in scenic Alaska. Very few details were given about the program, but Palin made it clear onscreen she's going to work in a few laughs.

"Hello Los Angeles," Palin smiled from screen. "No, this is not Tina Fey."

Palin promised to help viewers "experience the real Alaska" before jumping on a snowmobile and zipping offscreen.

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