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North Korea Threatens to Pour ‘Leaflets of Punishment' Over South Korea

"The South Korean authorities will face a really horrible time," North Korean state media said

Kim Jong Un
Brendan Smialowski / AFP via Getty Images

As tensions ratchet up between the two nations, North Korea is preparing to flood the South with "mountain-high" piles of propaganda leaflets denouncing the South Korean president and North Korean defectors, state media in the country reported Saturday.

Many of the leaflets will feature the face of South Korean President Moon Jae-in smeared with cigarette butts, an insult insinuating he is trash, the KCNA news agency reported, adding that they were being prepared by university students from the North.

Although North Korea has distributed propaganda leaflets across the border in the past, the practice is more commonly undertaken by North Korean defector groups in the South who fly balloons or send bottles by river filled with flyers, rice and money.

"The enraged people across the country are actively pushing forward with the preparations for launching a large-scale distribution of leaflets to pour the leaflets of punishment upon those in South Korea," KCNA, which is known for its bombastic tone, reported.

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