No Ring, and Now No Movie Role For LeBron

The man who once co-opted an hour of ESPN 's schedule to reveal something that could have been done in a Tweet with plenty of characters left over now can't even get a green light from Hollywood.

Just days after the Dallas Mavericks stunned the world (and delighted many) by defeating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals - slamming the door on LeBron James' dreams of a ring - Variety is reporting that the 26 year-old's acting debut will have to wait too.

"Ballers," a comedy about a group of guys attending the LeBron James Adult Basketball Camp to be directed by "Undercover Brother" director Malcolm D. Lee, will not be shooting this summer as planned. Both Lee and executive producer Michael Rosenberg confirmed the lack-of-shoot date.

Even though we assume LeBron would be playing himself in the movie (although who knows? We wouldn't be the least bit surprised if Tom Hardy were offered the role first), the history of basketball players-turned-actors is not a good one, so maybe this is good news for James. If Jordan can't pull it off, no one can.

Hey, LeBron - There's always video games...

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