N.J. Gov. Chris Christie “Slow Jams” With Jimmy Fallon About Senate Decision

The governor sidestepped rumors of a presidential run

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie “Slow Jammed” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” last night to talk about politics and his weight, while the show’s band, The Roots, performed in the background.

The “Slow Jam the News” segment began with Christie defending his decision to hold a $12 million special election just weeks before the November gubernatorial election.

“As you know, New Jersey has a vacant seat in the U.S. Senate,” Christie said. “Now, I had the chance to either appoint a hand-picked replacement or let the people vote on their new Senator.”

While the governor started off slow jamming about serious topics, Fallon and The Roots made sure it didn’t stay that way for long. Christie’s weight was the butt of many of the jokes.

“I know this election is going to cost tax payers some money,” Christie said. “But these costs can’t be measured against the value of having an elected member of the United States Senate. That’s why I’m throwing my full weight behind this decision.”

“Come on now, Christie Kreme Doughnut—how are you going to be setting me up like that?” Fallon responded. “It’s too easy. It isn’t even funny.”

The overweight jokes continued despite Christie recent revelation that he had lap-band surgery earlier this year.

The musical number also included talk of 2016 presidential rumors. Fallon asked Christie if he had any announcements to make on the show.

“Jimmy do you really think I would come on this show to announce a presidential run?” Christie responded.

The “love gov,” as Fallon dubbed him, announced last week that the state of New Jersey would hold a special election in October to fill the vacant seat left by Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who died on June 3.

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