New Trailer for Ryan Reynolds' “Buried” Is Unearthed

Ryan Reynolds' upcoming thriller, "Buried," finds the actor spending almost the entire film in a coffin beneath Iraq. A new trailer has arrived just two months ahead of its release.

Reynolds plays Paul Conroy, a contractor working for the U.S. State Department in Iraq, whose convoy is ambushed one day. He awakens to find himself in a coffin with nothing but a Zippo and a cell phone. He soon learns that he's being held for a seven-figure ransom.

The film was helmed by award-winning Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes and written by Chris Sparling, who has since landed a gig writing "Twelve Strangers," about a jury deliberating a case involving the supernatural, for M. Night Shyamalan. We hope the check cleared, given Shyamalan's recent string of flops.

The trailer is a bit dull, as it's basically a collection of stills and quotes from reviews with dialog from the film playing over it. The trailers that came out earlier this year were much more engaging.

There'd better be a good explanation as to why Paul was given a Zippo and a cell phone, because no hostage taker in their right mind would do such a thing unless they absolutely had to.

But "Buried" is by all accounts a suspenseful thriller, and it wowed audiences at Sundance. The film opens in select cities on Sept. 24 before going national on Oct. 8.

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