New “Thor” Clip Reveals Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye

As everyone is well aware, the upcoming "Avengers" movie is a star-studded affair both in terms of the actors and the characters they're playing, and the solo movies ("Iron Man," "Captain America," "Thor") are being used to introduce some of the gang like Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and, now, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye.

The clip below is our first glimpse of "The Town" star as Marvel's purple-costumed archer...but only if your blink reflex has been partially paralyzed. It's a brief cameo, is what we're saying.

It's not a definitive look at the character, but it does seem as though they have wisely given him the more "modern" look he sports in the recent Avengers reboot "The Ultimates" and not, you know....this.

But check out this brand new clip from Kenneth Branagh's "Thor," where the depowered Norse god (played by Chris Hemsworth) learns how to throw down Earth-style as a certain archer looks down from above.

"Thor" opens everywhere May 6th

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