New Cosby Hip-Hop Album Drops Today on the Tweeties

Comedian debuts new rap album today on social networking sites

Bill Cosby is going web 2.0.

The 70-year-old comedian, '80s TV star, pudding pops pitchman and educator has a new gig: hip-hop producer for the Internet age.

“Bill Cosby Presents the Cosnarati: State of Emergency,” a socially consciously rap album, drops online today and will be promoted on a handful of social networking sites, Billboard magazine reports.

Later this evening, Cosby will host a performance of songs from the album on his Facebook page,, Ustream and on the websites of urban radio stations nationwide. 

But “Cosby Show” fans be warned: you’ll be disappointed if you expect Mr. Huxtable to reprise his “hey my name is Cliff/ and I’m a doctor/ and I will sit and do the thing/ and hey bo bop hip bop” routine.

Cosby told The Associated Press he doesn’t rap on the project, in part because he “wouldn't know how to fix my mouth to say some of the words."

Instead, Cosby has assembled a team of musicians led by William “Spaceman” Patterson and guest rappers and activists Jace the Great, Brother Hahz and Supa Nova Slom, according to Billboard.

"I came up with ideas and asked them to think deeper, but I didn't have to push,” Cosby told the magazine. “It was like, 'Thank you, Dr. Cosby. We want to do this.'"

The album is intended as a compliment to Cosby’s 2007 tome “Come On People” and a counter to those who “will say I'm a curmudgeon who doesn't like poor or young people,” Cosby said, alluding to criticism he's faced for controversial comments on African-American empowerment.  

"(But) these rappers are young males running down the truth about the urban side of life. It's time for a change."

Physical copies of the album hits shelves on Nov. 24.

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