Sophia Bush Remembers 9-Year-Old Second Cousin Killed in Ariz.

Actress Sophia Bush lamented to Chelsea Handler that she'll never get to meet her second-cousin, the 9-year-old victim of Saturday's Arizona shooting.

After banter about fundraising for Gulf disaster relief and romance with co-star Austin Michols, the "One Tree Hill" star hit an emotional chord on "Chelsea Lately" Monday night when she addressed the untimely death of relative Christina-Taylor Green; the youngest of six shot and killed outside a supermarket in Tuscon during a Congresswoman's gathering.

"It's been a lesson more than anything for me and for my family that life is incredibly short," Bush told host Handler. "I remember hearing when she was born and it's distant family but we had always planned on going to visit them and see her because I hadn't seen them since her mother's wedding, and now we can't. You've got to take every day and tell the people you love that you do."

The television starlet also voiced concerned about finger-pointing for the tragedy that left Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition after a shot to the head.

"It's really important for all of us to take a step back," the actress continued. "It's easy to get heated and to scream and yell about what's going on in the world, but when it's getting irresponsible, when it's getting out of control in the world of journalism and television..."

"Anything that incites any sort of violence," said Handler, finishing Bush's sentence.

Handler, notorious for relentlessly teasing celebrities, added that it's important not to cross the line.

"I'm the biggest bully there is. I make fun of everybody," the TV hostess said. "But you can't ever, ever suggest violence."

Green was interested in government and was just elected to her school's council. 

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