Clint Eastwood Loves Herman Cain's “Story”

Also praised Newt Gingrich, disses Mitt Romney

It could be a hint that Hollywood is brewing, "This is Herman Cain! The Movie."

Director Clint  Eastwood revealed he's a fan of the pizza-CEO-turned-presidential-candidate while promoting his new Leonardo DiCaprio flick, "J. Edgar."

"I love Cain's story," Eastwood recently told the Los Angeles Times. "He's a guy who came from nowhere and did well, obviously against heavy odds. He's a doer and a straight-talker, which I don't see enough of from either party."

It's not clear if the interview was done before or after sex harassment allegations blew up against the restaurant magnate. On Tuesday night, he was talking up candidate Newt Gingrich to Politico.

"I think Newt Gingrich is still the smartest guy in the room," Eastwood said of the former House speaker. "I'm a Christ Christie fan, but that didn't work out."

Not shy about his views, the director said he was none too impressed with Mitt Romney, who was governor of Massachusetts while he filmed "Mystic River" in 2002. He would, however, cast him in a movie.

"I saw a lot of him and you have to admit, he looks like a president," Eastwood told The Los Angeles Times with sarcasm. "I saw a lot of him and you have to admit -- he looks like a president. "I mean, if you were casting a movie where you needed someone to play president, you'd definitely pick him."

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