”Austin Powers” Villain Gets Life For Brutal Rape

An actor who played an "Austin Powers" villain was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for the brutal gang rape and torture of a woman he kidnapped in California two decades ago.

The 19-year-old victim flew in to Santa Ana from out of state to call Joseph Hyungmin Son  a "sad excuse of a human" who "fed off the terror he inflicted to my body, mind and spirit that night," according to The Orange County Register.

Son, 40, was convicted last month of snatching the mother of four off a Huntington Beach Street at gunpoint and sexually assaulting her in the back seat of a car on Christmas Eve, 1990.

Prosecutors said the actor, who played one of Dr. Evil's henchmen in the 1997 spy-spoof "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery," was a sadist who enjoyed torturing his victm.

"For every injury he sadistically created on my skin, the more he reveled in the moment," the woman told the court about her sadistic attacker, adding, "He said he was giving me to himself as a Christmas present."

There were no arrests in 1990 as the investigation went cold, but DNA helped link Son to the crime when he pleaded guilty to felony vandalism in 2008, The Associated Press Reports.

Son has not appeared in any films since he played the bowler hat-wearing bad guy for the "Austin Powers" film. His character was a parody of Oddjob from The James Bond movie "Goldfinger," in which he throws a shoe instead of a steel-brimmed hat.

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