Fake Kazakh Anthem from “Borat” Accidentally Played at Sports Ceremony

Kazakhstan's shooting team was livid when the joke song began playing as it accepted a medal


If Kazakhstan didn't have enough beef with "Borat" already, it sure does now.

Shooting sport event organizers in Kuwait were left scrambling for apologies — and the Kazakh team was left furious — after the fake Kazakhstan national anthem from Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy was played instead of the country's real one during a medal ceremony, BBC News reported.

After shooting champion Maria Dmitrienko, from Kazakhstan, took to the pedestal at the 10th Arab Shooting Championship on Thursday to collect her gold medal for a trap shooting event, she wasn't expecting to hear a parody.

"She got up on to the pedestal and they played a completely different anthem, offensive to Kazakhstan," her coach told a Kazakh news channel. He said event organizers had apparently downloaded the wrong national anthem from the internet and had also botched the Serbian national anthem.

Some of the fake "Borat" anthem's less offensive lyrics, according to The Hollywood Reporter, include: "Kazakhstan's prostitutes are the cleanest in the region, except, of course, for Turkmenistan's."

"Borat" is already banned in Kazakhstan, among other countries, and the Kazakh government has threatened Baron Cohen with litigation over its depiction in the hit movie, according to BBC News.

Fortunately, the Sydney Morning Herald reported, the organizers of the Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait followed up their gaffe with an apology and a repeat of the award ceremony — with Kazakhstan's actual national anthem played.

See Maria Dmitrienko's uncomfortable moment below.

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